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Turbocharger Turbo MHI 49135-05895 BMW 120d 320d 520d X3 2.0 D 177HP E60N E61N E81 E82 E83N E88 E90 E91 E92 E93 Turbo + Fitting Kit + Oil Supply Pipe
Turbocharger Turbo MHI 49135-05895 BMW 120d 320d 520d X3 2.0 D 177HP E60N E61N E81 E82 E83N E88 E90 E91 E92 E93 Turbo + Fitting Kit + Oil Supply Pipe

Turbocharger Turbo MHI 49135-05895 BMW 120d 320d 520d X3 2.0 D 177HP E60N E61N E81 E82 E83N E88 E90 E91 E92 E93 Turbo + Fitting Kit + Oil Supply Pipe




BMW 120 d (E81 / E82 / E88), BMW 320 d (E90 / E91 / E92 / E93), BMW 520 d (E60N / E61N), BMW X3 2.0 d (E83N)


N47D20 N47OL




130KW, 177HP


from 2007

Part Numbers 11654727470, 11657797781, 11657797782, 11657808477, 11657808478, 11657810199, 11657810200, 11657810203, 11658506891, 11658506892, 11658506893, 11658506894, 11658506895, 11658506896, 472468601, 4727470, 4727471, 49135-05810, 49135-05820, 49135-05830, 49135-05840, 49135-05841, 49135-05845, 49135-05850, 49135-05851, 49135-05860, 49135-05861, 49135-05865, 49135-05866, 49135-05870, 49135-05871, 49135-05875, 49135-05880, 49135-05885, 49135-05886, 49135-05890, 49135-05891, 49135-05895, 49135-05896, 49135-11330, 49335-00100, 49335-00200, 49335-00220, 49335-00221, 49335-00230, 49335-00240, 49335-00241, 49335-00420, 49335-00430, 49335-00431, 49335-00440, 49335-00441, 49490-93501, 7797781, 779778103, 7797782, 7808477, 780847701, 7808478, 7810199, 7810200, 7810203, 8506891, 850689101, 8506892, 8506893, 850689301, 8506894, 8506895, 850689501, 8506896, N47D20, N47OL

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This turbocharger is for sale only on „Exchange basis“. This means that you‘ll have to send us your old unit. After you purchase turbocharger on our website we will send you a payment link to provided e@mail address for £100

Once we receive the old turbo back from you we will refund £100 (check the T&C)

You must send your old unit back to us within 21 DAYS otherwise your surcharge will not be refunded

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Steve Gunn


I was impressed with the speed of service and the quality of the product. The turbo was fitted along with the recommended extras. Initially the DPF warning light kept coming on but was advised that this was probably due to oil contamination from the old turbo. After a long drive at higher speeds this has now cleared and the car runs better than ever. I have no hesitation in recommending this company.

Shaun Dunne


Very happy with the service. Very effective staff who know what the job entails. Would recommend to anyone with turbo issues on their cars.

Tony Fisher


After a quote from BMW dealship for just under £2k to replace a turbo, I googled around and found Turbo Diesel. Impressed by their website, I took a chance and drove 2.5 hours to their workshop. They diagnosed and confirmed turbo fault, I hired a car for a day, picked up my car today, turbo replaced for £650, amazing! Even with hire car, I saved £1k!! My car's performance has improved noticeably, best it's ever been actually (63mpg now, was 49.5mpg before), given my 07 reg car (317000 miles) a new lease of life. I can highly recommend these guys.

Michael Whiteway


Had warning light on dash and car was sluggish. Recommended by a local garage to come here and have to say i was not disappointed. Quick, professional and friendly service. My car now responds perfectly. Very impressed and highly recommend.



Excellent, speedy service. Return of old unit was completely painless and the refund for it was processed very quickly.

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if you have any difficulties with finding the correct part for your vehicle simply contact with us through email (contact@turbodiesel.cc) or telephone number (07840 443 138) and we will help you with picking the correct part by checking your cars registration number.

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For each turbocharger or injection deposit will be charged.

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Why it’s worth to buy?

Our company uses the best regeneration equipment available on the market. For setting balancing core, variable geometry, checking pneumatic and electric valves we use as many as four kinds of machines.

We work only on new components from the best companies producing turbochargers parts such as Mellet and Kode.

For balancing core of turbochargers we use VSR301 machines, valued and well-known British company named TURBOTECHNICS.

G3 Concepts - high precision calibration tool created by three engineers working for GARRETT. This machine was developed specially for the turbocharger re-manufacting industry.

APD-1 by MICROELECTRONIKS - the professional device designed for reprogramming Hella electronic actuators used in Garrett turbochargers.

ACTUTEST4000 - balancing machine designed for testing and calibration of electronic actuators and pneumatic actuators for turbochargers made by the valued Polish company

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