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Turbo Turbocharger 757349 VAUXHALL RENAULT NISSAN MOVANO VIVARO MASTER INTERSTAR 2.5CDTi 2.5DCi 2.5 cdti dci 101HP 120HP G9U EURO 4, G9U-650 Brand New


NISSAN, renault, vauxhall


Interstar, master II, movano, vivaro




G9U Euro 4, G9U-650


101 BHP, 74 kW, 120 BHP, 88 kW


From 2006

Serial No.

757349-0001 757349-0002 757349-0003 757349-0004 757349-5001S 757349-5002S 757349-5003S 757349-5004S

Producer No.

GARRETT – 417471 04417471 93190658 7711368862 7701477421 8200433479 8200683866 8200766765 8200879731 8200483650 8200766765A 8200433479D 77113368862

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What is a refundable deposit?

Dear Customer. As we are selling our parts on exchange basis we are charging our customers for the ''Refundable Deposit'' for each purchased turbocharger on our website. The customer has to send the old turbocharger from his vehicle back to us to receive a refund for the Deposit. As soon as the part get delivered we are issuing a refund for the Deposit. Everysingle company which sells that parts charge customers for the deposit, the only situations where this charge doesn't apply is when you are buying cheap chinese part which aren't genuine or a brand new part which are really expensive.

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Dear Customer,

if you have any difficulties with finding the correct part for your vehicle simply contact with us through email (contact@turbodiesel.cc) or telephone number (07840 443 138) and we will help you with picking the correct part by checking your cars registration number.

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For each turbocharger or injection deposit will be charged.

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Why it’s worth to buy?

Our company uses the best regeneration equipment available on the market. For setting balancing core, variable geometry, checking pneumatic and electric valves we use as many as four kinds of machines.

We work only on new components from the best companies producing turbochargers parts such as Mellet and Kode.

For balancing core of turbochargers we use VSR301 machines, valued and well-known British company named TURBOTECHNICS.

G3 Concepts - high precision calibration tool created by three engineers working for GARRETT. This machine was developed specially for the turbocharger re-manufacting industry.

APD-1 by MICROELECTRONIKS - the professional device designed for reprogramming Hella electronic actuators used in Garrett turbochargers.

ACTUTEST4000 - balancing machine designed for testing and calibration of electronic actuators and pneumatic actuators for turbochargers made by the valued Polish company

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